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As our staff and member safety is paramount, it is critical that we deliver a package that goes above and beyond protocols set forth by the CDC. While taking into account the extensive conversations we have had with local medical professionals, fellow business leaders and many of you -  we wanted to highlight some of the changes you will see taking effect upon re-opening below: 

Member Health
Member Health

Required Temperature Checks: Anyone that enters Plate28 will need to pass through a temperature check and a hand sanitizing station. If someone’s temperature is over 100.4 °F, they we will kindly refund their class and ask them to come back to Plate28 once they are healthy again.            

Notifications: Members are asked to alert any Plate28 staff  if they test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of their last visit. An email notification will be sent to all potentially exposed persons if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19.    

PPE Gear: Guidelines state that all fitness studios require masks while entering and exiting the studio. The Plate28 staff fully supports this mandate and expects all Plate28 members attending class to follow these guidelines. In DuPage County, instructors are not required to wear masks while teaching class however, at Plate28 all instructors will keep 6’ distance between themselves and the clientele while they are teaching classes. Masks are required at all times during conversations or while communicating within the 6’ guideline.

Disinfecting Stations

Sanitation Stations: Hand sanitation stations will be located at the entrance of the studio and throughout. We ask that members use this on their hands immediately upon entering the facility and frequently throughout their visit.  Two Disinfectant wipes stations will also be easily accessible on each end of the studio.

Disinfecting Stations
Plate28 Studio Safety

Reduction in Class Sizes: Capacity per class has been significantly reduced to 6 people which will decrease the amount of people taking class. Our hope is to increase class availability and size in the future.        

Additional Time Between Classes: A minimum of 30 minutes transition time will be in place in between all classes to allow for our staff to deep clean the room, equipment, and ensure we wipe down all of the surfaces. Longer transition times will also prevent crowded exchanges while people are entering and exiting the facility. Each class will have enough time to leave the facility before the next class arrives. Further, exiting out of the back door is an option as well.

Reducing Contact With Equipment: Each Power Plate will be outfitted with an individual equipment station storing weights, medicine balls, bands etc. for the your individual use to prevent crowding at equipment racks. As always, you are encouraged to bring in your own weights and equipment but it is not necessary.  You will be expected to wipe down your equipment with the disinfectant towels provided and the Plate28 team will clean after all classes as well.

Plate28 Studio Safety
Facility Safety

Signage: Signage will be put up around Plate28 to remind clients and staff what they can do to continually keep themselves and each other safe. The Power Plates are situated 6’ from each other and we ask you once you enter in to class to immediately find a Power Plate to stand on. Floor markers will be added throughout the indoor and outdoor space to further encourage 6ft of social distancing and control traffic patterns to help eliminate touch points.  

Facility Safety

Increased Cleaning: Increased cleaning measures will be routine and rigorous.  All fitness equipment more rigorously with sanitation measures and disinfectant that meets or exceeds CDC measures.

Air Quality: Our HVAC systems have always exceeded the air turns per hour and in cubic feet per minute (CFM) as required by building code. In addition to this, we are installing a hospital and dental office grade air purifier in both the studio space and the office.

Staff Precautions: Our team will follows strict protocols with temperature checks, handwashing and sanitization for the entire duration of their shift, as well as equip themselves with masks or face shields while they are conversing or within the 6’ distancing guideline. 

Hands-Free Service: In addition to the touchless hand sanitizing stations, we are taking extra measures to eliminate or minimize high touch zones as much as possible. The Instructor or Manager on Duty will check you in.

Membership Adjustments

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be complete 24 hours in advance to avoid losing a class and a fee. If you are not feeling well and it is past the 24 hour window, please email the studio ( ) or the studio manager ( or ) to let them know so that we can credit your reservation back to your account and waive your fee. We do respectfully ask that if you are not feeling well you do not come to the studio until you are symptom-free or fever free for at least three days. Example: If you cancel a class on Friday for Saturday, we ask that you do not attend until at least Tuesday.      

Membership Adjustments

Late Arrivals: For everyone’s safety, there will be no access to classes once they have started and you will be deducted a class if you are late.

Enrollment Consideration: With the upcoming capacity limitations, we want to ensure that all members have the opportunity to get their workout in. Please use extra consideration when enrolling in class and make it a priority to show up as space is limited.

Restricted Advance Scheduling: Due to smaller class sizes, we are taking measures to make sure everyone is able to book class time. This means that we are only allowing advanced booking for 7 days in advance. If you try to book a class more than 7 days in advance, you will be unable to complete registration. 

As you can all see, we have meticulously considered as many angles of Plate28’s operations as we can to ensure that when you are inside the studio, we are doing all we can to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus. For our protocols to be most effective, we need everyone to play their part while attending the club as we are all leaders in this community together.

We will keep you up to date on the latest developments regarding fitness and COVID. In the meantime, please reach out to anyone at Plate28 with any questions or concerns. 

Thank you and we all look forward to keeping everyone safe.

Many Thanks,

The Plate28 Team
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