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Plate28 is a leading wellness studio offering 28 minute group fitness classes and personal training sessions using whole body vibration training. We use a medical device proven to enhance and accelerate a traditional workout in a signature 28 minute session.


You will awaken your cells, increase circulation, detoxify your body, improve your metabolism, reduce inflammation all while building strength in the most efficient way possible.


Our equipment was developed for astronauts in the late 1960’s, is back by science and proven to improve your health. The benefits of vibration training are endless; within just a few weeks you will feel different. 


At Plate28, we have a no judgement, no B.S. approach and welcome all levels of fitness.  Our classes mimic a 1 hour workout, provide better results and leave you feeling extremely accomplished. 

The best part....the 30 minutes you get back in your day. 

Feel Strong, Vibe On.

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